Affiliate Program

Earn 20% commission on everything in our store by referring sports fan buyers. We sell 8x10 prints for $12.99, 30x40 canvas frames for $189, and several choices in between. We also pay 20% commission on hand painted original oil paintings that sell for $1500-$5,000+. Join now

Reward and motivate referred shoppers to use your exclusive Coupon Code to get a FREE $19.99 11x14 print when they buy that size or larger. They get an 8x10 print for FREE if they buy that size. Join now

If you already have sports traffic or an audience of sports fans or people who buy gifts for sports fans, then cash in on referring Fantastic Sports Photos & Art!'s affiliate program is a natural fit for sports related Facebook groups, blogs, fan pages, fan clubs, and most online stores. Join now

Coupon codes would work if you own a sports bar or sports card store or gift shop or exhibit at a Christmas gift show or many other scenarios. You can use a POP display, a printed flyer hanging on the wall in a picture frame, promotional literature with the coupon code and website name with the offer, etc... A podcast or radio broadcast could verbally give the pitch and include your coupon code for the FREE print. Join now

Many guys buy for themselves. Many women buy for their sons, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, fathers, uncles, co-workers, and other men in their lives and vice versa. Women are also sports fans and buy for themselves and men buy for the sports fan women in their lives. People also refer to anyone in their circle of influence Join now's affiliate program uses a link with your affiliate id number and a coupon code. If you use both then a better chance to get credit for a referred transaction. The customer is motivated to get a FREE print so will use your coupon code. For convenience, if you have a link they can click, then they don't have to remember the website. 

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