Wholesale Orders

We sell wholesale to physical brick and mortar stores, online stores and dealers who sell at shows. Contact us via the form below or you can shop and checkout via "Wholesale Order"

Select all your titles and sizes and checkout using Wholesale Order instead of other payment methods. You do not pay at this time. You will be invoiced for the wholesale amount instead of the retail prices shown. When you receive your invoice, please pay by Credit or Debit card or PayPal balance. Your print only order total must be $200 minimum in normal retail prices. Please ignore any retail bulk item discounts to reach the $200 amount. For example, (10) 11x14 prints would be close enough.

We require a minimum of (4) canvas frames or $500 retail if your order contains canvas frames. Those will be shipped by our 3rd party provider and will arrive 8-15 working days after your order.

Shipping is additional. It is roughly actual cost of postage. Sometimes it is a little more or less than actual cost.

IMPORTANT: You will receive an order email saying you owe the retail amount. Ignore that email. We will have to send you an invoice via email for the actual wholesale amount.